TENTEST since 2002.

Tentest Trade has distributors located in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, and Latvia. All distributors are under ScandiPro Group, which also used to market the products.

Tentest Trade OÜ is Estonian biggest supplier and manufacturer ofpop-up tents, parasols,awnings and PVC-hangars since 2002.

Our product range is ideal both for customers looking for shades for their garden and for companies seeking a suitable advertising medium for their marketing objectives. The products offered by Tentest Trade OÜ are assembled and their quality is checked on-site by our employees. Our products also include warranty repairs and after-sales services

At Tentest Trade OÜ, we ensure the quality of our products and services through sufficient stock inventories, reasonable prices and employees with many years of experience.

The location of Tentest Trade OÜ in Peetri near Tallinn is logistically convenient for shipping goods as well as visiting our shop & salon.

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